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Monday, February 20, 2006

Unshaved erotic nude woman with natural breast.
Trixie shot by Tucker.
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A little photo from last year when my pit hair was all grown out. Right now only my leg-hair is fully grown out while my pussy is more trimmed than it's been in years, and my pits are shaved. I like having my body hair in various stages of growth. I'm going to try to have Tucker shoot some photos of my leg hair in its current state; it never gets really lush, but it's as good as it's going to get. Maybe some early morning light shining through my fair forest of golden prickles?

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Young woman with perky tits in the kitchen wearing an apron.
Image Courtesy of Furry Girl.

I love a lot of my friend FurryGirl's photos, but those in a recent set featuring her wearing an apron (I have an apron fetish), pink rubber gloves, and a cute little hanky in her hair made me SWOON! It's the ambiance of the photos . . . well, and her perky little boobs and hard bumpy little nipples. And her enthusiastic demeanor.

A lot of people (ahem, MEN) in our industry are threatened by FurryGirl. For one thing, they are frightened by any woman who mentions the word "feminism". Most of them would be shocked to see how much she plays around with stereotypical gender roles, and that when she does so it's not filled with venom or militance. She wears her fifties housewife costume with a BIG GIANT SINCERE SMILE. It's absolutely charming! And I think she's able to do so because she IS a feminist, she works for herself running her own network of porn sites, and she's (happily) not a housewife in the thirties, forties or fifties. She'll make a boy his dinner . . . and then she'll fuck him up the ass with her strap-on.


muscular hunk in the shower
Tucker shot by Trixie.
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I love that rivulet of water coursing down Tucker's right side. It has a very vascular appeal.

Friday, February 10, 2006

I added a bunch of free POTD's (Picture of the Day links) to the sidebar today -- some of them are hot, some of them are not so great, but I'm looking forward to fleshing out that area of my linklist to make it even more worthwhile to bookmark us here.


Pale Goth Scarlett in Red & Black Detailed Pantyhose
Image Courtesy of Fetish by Anna.
Scarlett in Faux-Stocking Red & Black Pantyhose.


Blonde shows peek of penis under pink sheer panties
Delia shot by Trixie.
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Bush over Pink Sheer Bikini Panties.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Trashy Black Lace Thigh Highs and Bare Ass
Trixie shot by Tucker.
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My Fringed Gypsy Ass.

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