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Tuesday, February 15, 2005


We're a couple in our thirties operating a small collection of indie porn websites:,,, and (an umbrella site for the first three). We shoot 95% of the content ourselves of each other, so it's a very intimate and personal affair.

I entertain no pretensions distinguishing porn from erotica. I believe porn *can* be artful (and art pornographic), even if it doesn't happen often. As a result, I will post photos representing a wide variety of subjects, quality, and composition. My allegiance is to porn, but this is not to say that my allegiance is to the majority of pornographers and pimps that have given the medium such a bad name. At the same time, I like the idea of making this photoblog difficult to jerk off to. It won't cater to one niche or body type or gender. The average person will look at ten different photos here and exclaim, "ewwww!!" while the open-minded person will look at ten different photos here and murmur, "mmmmMMMM!!!"

We've amassed quite a collection of steamy photos of ourselves, so I decided to showcase some of our most sensual pics here in this photoblog. We already maintain wordy personal journals online (see sidebar), so I'm excited to have a place to just let the photos do the talking. It's also fun to see our pics in a reduced size to enjoy the overall composition. The same pics are BIG in our members-only areas, and though it's nice to have the detail there of every curly little hair, sometimes it's more erotic to see the overall composition of the photo. Internet porn is troubled by a challenge similar to the pan-n-scan vs. widescreen dilemma of home-movie viewers; either you get a big detailed photo requiring you to scroll to see the bottom or sides of the picture, or you get a smaller pic where you can actually see a whole person . . . but not a lot of detail.

I think a lot of our photos deserve to be seen from top to bottom, with each end visible all at once; I'll enjoy scrolling through our pics here, and some other people's photos I'll feature here deserving the same kind of enticing treatment.

I have nothing against giant photos, and lord knows I love seeing close-ups of pre-cum dripping slickly out of my boyfriend's piss-slit, but part of running PERSONALITY sites is that people are attracted to our "product" not just for the individual bits and pieces of our bodies, but to see us as whole people. Knowing that our members' monitors chop us into disconnected body parts makes me want to show us off in symbolic wholeness.

I'm not sure how much I'll actually *write* in this blog, since I already have tons of other blogs filled with text . . . I imagine I may make a few remarks here from time to time, but I'll try to keep them brief and just let the photos do the talking.

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