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Sunday, April 24, 2005


Let's face it: the majority of porn consumers are men, and the majority of men are afraid of seeming "gay". Because of this, many guys get suspicious when they see photos or videos of cock alone and outside of the context of a heterosexual encounter. I imagine a lot of guys arrive here at our photoblog and get . . . confused . . . when the most recent pic posted is of a big juicy cock.

This photoblog is representative of our porn sites (,,, and which is an umbrella site for the first three). We are a woman and a man (who is also a crossdresser) so naturally our sites depict the full range of gender: women, men, and trannies.

So does that make this photoblog and our websites "gay"? I have no answer for that. I don't think a picture of an erect penis is inherently "gay" any more than a photo of a wet pink vulva is "lesbian". It's ludicrous to label genitals with sexual preferences. The main reason people jump to the conclusion that photos of naked men are "gay" is because most porn is marketed to men, so the knee jerk reaction is to label porn according to men's sexual preferences. If it's porn featuring a man, it must be "gay" porn, and if it's porn featuring a woman, it must be "straight" porn. Since I am a female pornographer and porn consumer, those kinds of labels and assumptions don't make a lot of sense.

Another reason people think depictions of naked men are "gay" is because the art world sculpts, paints, and photographs nude women far more than it sculpts, paints or photographs nude men. Is that because artists are afraid of seeming gay? Is it because most successful visual artists are men? Or is it because women's bodies are more beautiful than men's bodies? I can't tell you how many times I've heard that, and how wrong I think it is - men's bodies are gorgeous. Is it because men (the ones in control of the media and art world) are afraid to have their meatwhistles put on display? Is it because the raw primal sexuality of cocks scares people? Whatever the reason, we don't get to see enough dick. Because dick is so rarely seen in the media, guys just don't know what to do when faced with a photo of another dude's dong. "Agghhh!!! It's a cock!! How "gay"!!!" FYI: chicks do not freak out like this when we see other women naked.

When Tucker does live shows (just him solo, on cam, masturbating himself), invariably a male viewer will ask, "is this a gay show?" It's hysterical . . . what does the viewer mean, anyway? What is gay about a guy jacking off? Is the guy asking "gay" when he jacks himself off? Maybe the person just needs to know if watching it will make him gay. Dude, if you're not gay already, watching another guy jack off isn't going to make you gay any more than your momma watching a woman masturbating is going to make her a lesbian. Personally I think watching people get off is hot, regardless of their gender. Most people are not 100% gay or straight, so I wish people would get used to the notion that they can be "straight", and still enjoy looking at (or even get aroused by) someone of the same sex without it negating their preference for the opposite sex.

Perhaps what people really want to know is whether or not WE are "gay". Tucker and I are both omnisexual (a term I use instead of "bisexual"; pansexual is another good way of describing our orientation). Most of the sex we've had in our lives has been with people of the opposite sex, but we've both had experiences with people of our own gender and are open to doing it more. We are attracted to people of all genders, basically.

I know I probably sound like one of those people who wants to live in a world without labels (puke). The truth is that labels ARE useful . . . to a certain point. I can understand why a lot of pornographers employ them; because PEOPLE WANT TO KNOW WHAT THEY'RE BUYING. People feel more comfortable with a product if they know what it's all about. Unfortunately for my pocketbook, I just don't feel that there's an accurate neatly-labeled box to put our porn into. The best label I can come up with is "real".

Whether our porn is "gay" or "straight" or "bi" really depends on the individual sexuality and belief system of each person looking at us. I like mixing up pics of men, women, and trannies on this photoblog partly because it is unusual to see so much cock and pussy mixed up together without actually being engaged in sex with each other. If this is unsettling to you, I hope you take the opportunity to ask yourself "WHY". Why do you need to know if this is a "gay" site?

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