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Why we broadcast our lives online:
I remember the day I decided to hook up voyeurcams in my home: I was watching my friend on HER voyeurcam all the way across the country. She sat propped up in her bed reading a book. I was HOOKED. Watching her do next-to-nothing meant SO much to me. I felt slightly naughty, peering into the privacy of her bedroom. I felt comforted just being able to CONNECT with her, albeit wordlessly and without acknowledgement, just by seeing her live her life, enjoying herself with her nose in a book. I felt reassured. It was like turning on the radio in the middle of the night when you're alone and just want to hear a voice and know someone else is out there muddling through life the same way you are. I found my own voyeuristic urges so compelling I HAD to offer my own site members the same experience.

That was almost two years ago. Now we have up to six cams in our home logged in around the clock broadcasting our most intimate moments around the world. We look forward to adding even MORE cams to the lineup as soon as we can buy a fourth computer to add to our network.

Why are our voyeur cams so popular? It depends on who you ask. Some members love being able to see and hear us fucking. Some members enjoy having the opportunity to casually chat with us and get to know us as real people. Some members are true voyeurs and LOVE the tease of peeping in on us without ever knowing if they will be able to stay awake long enough to see nudity, sex, or bathroom activity. Our spycams are truly open windows into our lives, not artificially scripted "reality" programs or staged shows.

SpyOnUs is a true voyeurcam megasite: If we're not home, our members have access to lots of bonus sites with men and women on cam and in chat. There is NO ADDITIONAL FEE to fully enjoy spying on everyone and chatting with them.

Posted by Trixie - April 2004

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Examples of Action on our VoyeurCams

We are the randy couple-next-door.

We are the tired folks next door.
A word of warning:
Some people get so excited watching our cams they try to tell us WHAT to do, WHEN to do it, and/or HOW to do it. I usually tell these people to fuck off. We do not fulfill requests - our voyeurcams are a WINDOW to PEEK into, NOT a megaphone for would-be directors to shout orders or to criticize. The chatroom is NOT an open request line, it's an opportunity to get to know our members. People who expect to see us getting it on all day every day or to field requests or adjust our lives to their schedules will be disappointed (and verbally abused by me) while people who want to see REAL people leading REAL lives will be captivated!
SPECIAL CHAT SESSIONS: Every week we schedule about 10 hours of chat sessions & shows. Sometimes we just hang out and chat, other times we have special events like the ones below:

We are the laid-back folks next door, eating popcorn, wearing pyjamas all day, and surfing the web.

News Flash is a special chat session in which members get to earn a flash of one of our body parts by educating everyone in the chatroom on a current event.

Our dog is the most popular blue-eyed "model" on our site: she howls, she plays with her food, she begs, she jumps around, and she's beautiful.

We also do a few SHOWS each week.


We like to get our groove on by "dancing" like maniacal idiots in our living room. We shake, we shimmy . . . we let it all hang out.

Get a voyeuristic thrill watching us in the shower & bathtub.
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